Men's careMen's hair sampoo・Conditioner

サクセス 頭皮洗浄ブラシ ふつう

Washes away impurities in pores that cannot be reached with fingers. Enhances blood circulation.

A shampoo brush that thoroughly washes away impurities in pores that cannot be reached with fingers, and also enhances blood circulation by massaging while shampooing. The deep cleaning bristles even wash away oil hidden inside the pores that is hard to reach with fingertips. Two massaging bristles massage the scalp comfortably while shampooing and enhance blood circulation. Curve-shaped to fit the scalp. All brush bristle tips are rounded to prevent damage to the scalp. Brush is designed to not tangle with hair. Brush hardness: "Normal."

Content amount 1brush

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Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an air hazardous materials as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

  • No high-pressure gas
  • Alcohol content is less than 24%.
  • No flash point above 60 ℃ (no continuous flammability below 60 ℃ )
  • Not classified as flammable solid

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How to use ・ Precautions

How to use

How to use
(The product is a brush to be used exclusively for shampooing. Do not use as a hairbrush)
① Thoroughly wet the hair and scalp, apply shampoo, and lather well with your hands.
② Lightly apply brush onto scalp, and cleanse with small sideways movements several times in each area.
③ Use finger tips to thoroughly rinse.


● Do not use when experiencing injuries, swelling, rashes or other conditions on the scalp.
● Be careful not to damage your scalp and hair by brushing too hard.
● Brushing too hard or moving the brush too vigorously may cause damage to your hair and scalp.
● Hair may tangle if there is not enough lather when using the brush.
● Do not use the brush if it is damaged or deformed.

Place of origin

Made in Japan

Size・EAN Code

サクセス 頭皮洗浄ブラシ ふつう

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